We manufacture Panchagavya which is an organic manure and pest repellant. Panchagavya is made from five by products of the cow – cow dung, cow urine, milk, curd and ghee. It is a filtered, fermented concentrate when mixed with water in 1: 30 ratio and sprayed provides multistory effects on the plants. Joy Greens prides itself in being a completely organic service provider, unless otherwise requested by the client.



When it comes to the point of adding a green flavor to your office or restaurant or any commercial, be it indoor or outdoor space, Joy Greens is a One-Stop Solution. With great experience in the types of soil, watering frequency, or its existence in AC conditions, we are here with expertise to guide you. When it comes to planning and execution of the interior and exterior of your office, hospital, restaurant, bar and so on, you can count on Joy Greens for providing complete end to end solutions. Annual Maintenance Contracts can also be made up for maintenance to be done every fortnightly or once a month ( as per requirement).



Your dream of having a kitchen garden isn’t a dream anymore. That plan to have a terrace garden or orchard isn’t just a plan now. We are here to execute it. Tasks like soil testing, water source, drip irrigation, planning the choice of plants, creating privacy fencing are some of the basic steps taken up by us. When we come to plan and execute your garden, we understand your requirement, and tell you what is workable for your space. And from there, in no time we handle the complete planning and execution. Even if you have no clue as what to do but have space and would like a small design done up, contact us, we will take you on a lovely green journey from the minute you meet us. You Dream, We Visualize and Execute.



When there are events, be it personal or corporate events—birthdays, weddings, house warming, company events, there can be nothing better than to gift a variety of plants. You aren’t just giving a gift, but you are starting a whole new legacy by gifting plants. Plants can add to the décor of a place as well as bring positive vibes to your house. Plus the joy of nurturing your plant is at a different level. Therefore, nothing can be better than gifting your clients, delegates, loved and dear ones- plants. Gift a plant and make yourself and Mother Nature happy.



Investing on a space to make your own personal farm house isn’t just a far away dream anymore. When it comes to planning your space, consulting for any pest infestation, or even service and maintenance, we know the when’s, where’s, how’s and what’s. Having expertise in various aspects of horticulture and landscaping, we can be counted on to give you the right advice and solutions for your farm space. We can plan and execute for fruit orchards, vegetable production, greenhouse construction and production and many other possibilities as per your requirements.