Who We Are


Born in the year 2014, Joy Greens is one of the fast growing landscaping firms in Bangalore. A brainchild of Jyotsna Krishna, Joy Greens focuses on corporate and commercial landscaping, residential landscaping, farm consultation and their maintenance and Plants as return gifts. With a team that has expertise and most importantly, passion for the green world, Joy Greens is a One-Stop Solution for plant owners and plant lovers alike.

Our Team


Jyotsna Krishna

Founder and Chairman

Coming from a family of doctors, Jyotsna has the deepest levels of passion and love for plants and the botanical world. Having done her B.Tech in Horticulture from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, she went on the do another B.Tech in Environmental Landscape Horticulture from Dalhousie University Agriculture Campus, Canada. Living and working abroad in her field, has given her a broad spectrum of ideas , the basis of the creativity which she implements in her designs and work.
Digging deeper into the world of plants, she is well versed with the names, scientific names, practical handling and a wide variety of plants and their sustainability in growth conditions. Apart from the domain knowledge, she has a keen sense of design and layout which she uses to plan the presentation and adding colors through plants.

Hariharan. S

Chief Executive Officer

With a qualification in Animation and VFX, Hari Haran came in to join forces with Jyotsna purely because of their shared passion for plants. Coming from a family of Trainers and Counselors, Hari creates opportunities for collaborating with different forms of business related to his field. He also plays a very pivotal role in the designing of projects. He is the master of execution of the plans and projects. He is one you would speak to when you call Joy Greens. He not only has excellent personal relationship skills, he is also a man of his word. He forms the backbone of the firm with his “Never Say No” attitude and hence helping them accomplish any major task with absolute ease and finesse.

Maharishi Kamalesh

Co- Founder

The co- founder of Joy Greens being Jyotsna’s best friend from school days , Mr. Maharishi Kamalesh , encouraged her to begin Joy Greens and he was the key start for the Company. He has been a constant support and encouragement towards every step taken for Joy Greens. Even though he has a B.Com background, his career path has taken him along in IT services for the Banking sector, hence giving him a good background to be providing ideas and mentoring Joy Greens in times of need.